Finding peace

How is it the middle of September already?! The summer of this crazy year has come and gone. The golf clubs have been put away, no one is swimming in the pool anymore and you can smell Fall in the air. So it’s time to get back at it.

I’ve worked my way to the bedroom. It’s almost done, just a few little touches left, and it feels so lovely. In this insane time we are living we all need to find a space of peace. A place that is calm and tranquil. That was my goal with this room.

I chose a colour that is soft and cool. It reminds me of the Carribbean Sea and of sage leaves and the bearded guy’s eyes. When I open my eyes in the morning it makes me smile and in the evening it helps me settle.

Colour is such an important part of life. It can change our mood … affect our energy … inspire and delight. And there is an endless choice. There are times I can choose the perfect colour in seconds and other times, like with our bedroom, I changed my mind several times. But when I finally settled, everything else I had planned for that room fell into place.

I hope you find the colour that is perfect for you to find some peace.

Bedroom Moodboard

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