HELLO!  … and welcome to Sing Little Sparrow. I bet you are wondering what Sing Little Sparrow is all about.  We’re about LIFESTYLE mostly.  HOME & FLORAL DESIGN, FOOD & LIFE!

I’ve been around for a little while as a Maker, selling handcrafted baby items and heirloom quality quilts.  After some soul searching and encouragement from my beautiful daughter, I decided to expand my little enterprise and move into Interior Design as well.

My design instincts have been in place most of my life with my mom teaching me to sew my own clothes when I was about 12.  As I became a mom and we bought our own home I expanded into sewing for my home decor, designing my kids’ nurseries and bedrooms.  I’ve been designing quilts for years and have developed an eye for colour and fabric.

Recently, I completed the required courses and became a certified Interior Designer!   The courses pushed me to use my talent to look further into interior and exterior home design.  Expanding into combining colour with texture, furniture placement and even into floor planning.


The inspiration for the name Sing Little Sparrow is my mom. She  has been gone for several years now. Mom struggled with MS for 33 years and near the end, when she was confined to her bed, she loved to watch the sparrows outside her window. She held on to the promise that if God cared about these plain, little birds He would look after her. She drew her courage from that. And so every time I see those cheery little birds or hear a their sweet, happy song it reminds me of my mom!  Her courage still inspires me and pushes me to be brave.  

Contact me to discuss your design needs at 905 941-0706 or singlittlesparrowdesigns@gmail.com