Painting Palooza

So I thought I should show the finished bathroom, for those of you holding your breath. Before the “big reveal”, though, I thought I’d also update you on my painting progress.

For the moment, painting has moved outside until the carpet is installed in the family room. There is movement there, however, it’s happening in small steps so as not to exhaust the bearded guy … and possibly risk our marriage.

I just finished coat #2 on the backyard shed trim and I’m praying it doesn’t rain before it has time to dry. It’s not picture worthy (it’s just a shed) but it got me thinking about how important prep is. I cannot stress enough how much of a difference it makes to your finished product. In addition to scraping the loose flakes off I sanded … and sanded and sanded. The sander removed paint, dirt and mold/moss growing on the bottom of the doors. That is what eventually will cause the rot. Where ever that stuff is is where the wood is getting wet. Getting it off will allow the paint to adhere and help seal the water out.

I must say, the trim looks pretty decent considering how old it is.

So, my tip today is to invest in a good sander. (Doesn’t have to be big. I just have a little mouse sander.) You’ll be happy you did.

Ok … back to the bathroom. (drum roll)

Here’s my mood board/inspiration board:

And a reminder of the old:

And now … with the new paint and a good decluttering:


Side by side view:

It’s clean and fresh and I just love it! Whether you do or not, I hope it inspires you.


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