We all have them. Those weird places in our homes that we’re just not quite sure what to do with. I’ve run into a few strange, architectural issues and had to really think about what to do with them. So … the answer to almost every design problem is …..


Yup. It’s that simple. Well, ok, there’s a little more to it.

You can use paint to erase or emphasize. Usually with awkward spots you want to make them blend in, or at least not stand out.

These two are easy ones.

When painting a wall with a fusebox cover or a ceiling with an attic access, simply paint them the same colour. Some of your husbands are going to suggest painting them with the trim colour like you would with a window or door. DO NOT DO IT! Who wants to have a fusebox as a focal point in your beautiful room?!

Then there are the ones that make you tilt your head, rub your chin and go hmmmm.

In one job the kitchen was an original 1950s kitchen. The previous owner had cut the corner out of one of the upper cupboards and it’s door to make room for his new fridge. This created a really awkward angle in the cupboard and, more importantly, it prevented the door from opening.

The solution to the door issue was to leave both doors off and create an open cupboard. But how to address the weird angle…

The solution, again, was paint. We had chosen a bright red accent for the inside of the cupboard. Painting the cupboard as it was only emphasized the step that had been cut out for the fridge. Continuing the red paint to the original shape tricks the eye and the step becomes almost invisible!

Some issues are truly architectural. Really think it through before you begin. It’s a lot harder to fix than paint.

During my own kitchen reno we took a wall down between our kitchen and dining room. Unfortunately, we have a beam which supports the lower half of our split level home. So, obviously, we couldn’t just remove it. The solution in this instance was to cut the wall at the same level as the beam to create symmetry and consistency. Plus, it made the ceiling transition go away as the dining room as a stippled ceiling and the kitchen smooth.

Oh, and my carpenter came up with the crown molding solution. It makes much more sense from the front.

Of course, your home will have its own uniquenesses. I hope these suggestions will help!

Happy decorating!

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