The Challenge!

Here’s the challenge I gave myself:  Transform my home without any structural or flooring changes. In addition, I have to work with the main pieces of furniture I currently have with a goal to reducing rather than increasing the items in my home.

It seems very daunting, right?  And in this current time when I can’t go shopping for fabric or wallpaper I’m doing a lot of searching on the net and hoping what I order is actually what it appears to be on my screen.  So far … so good!

Things had been going pretty well to plan until the Bearded Guy got called back to work before the carpet could be installed in the family room (we already had the carpet from a pervious house).  So … this is where those contingency plans I spoke about last month come in handy.

My original plan had me finishing a room at a time and posting chronologically.  Plan B is still to post as I complete a project, however, it won’t be so logical as I’m bouncing around the house with a “course of least resistance” approach.  So.  I’ll try to post regularly and share the successes and the failures (even if they are epic).  And, hopefully, we’ll have some fun along the way.

Wish me luck!

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